Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Always, Always Get My Way

Flashlight Press
Thad Krasnesky; Illustrated by David Parkins

This story is about a little girl named Emmy, who happens to be a very precocious three year old. She is also a smart little girl who immediately picks up on the idea that she can get away with all sorts of trouble because ... she is only three.

The initial incident truly is a accident when Emmy innocently spills her orange juice on the breakfast table. Of course, the juice runs straight to her Dad's pants, who has a few choice words about his daughter's carelessness. Emmy's mom comes to her rescue when she utters the magic words "Now, sweetheart, you should let it be. After all ... she's only three." Voila. Emmy learns the power of the perfect excuse.

Now that Emmy has caught on, there is no end in sight to her mischief making. Since three year olds are not held responsible for their own actions, little Emmy can cause all sorts of mischief and mayhem with no consequences. Oh, boy. She takes her older sister's things without permission, digs a gigantic hole in the backyard, muddies up her mum's nice chair and eats ice cream concoctions for breakfast.

All the trouble Emmy creates comes crashing down about her shoulders when she tries to use her "little girl" excuse one too many times. Suddenly her family realizes that Emmy is old enough to know better and to be held accountable for her actions when she behaves inappropriately. No more free passes!

What a perfect book about a very important lesson that mommies and daddies, er, young children need to learn. Picking up this book is a surefire way to teach this particular lesson in a painless way. You can enjoy the rhyming text paired with funny, imaginative illustrations and feel good about the message imparted!

Review copy provided by Flashlight Press.

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