Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sally and Dave, A Slug Story

Felice Arena


A story of two slugs – Sally is slim and sporty, Dave is sluggish. Sally enjoys athletic activities like skating and swimming. Dave enjoys horizontal activities like sunbathing and sleeping. Sally feels superior to Dave and lets him know.

The story is written using as many “s” words as possible, defining itself as “A terrific tongue-twister of a tale.” A cute idea, but some of the “s” words feel like just a bit of a stretch. I think the book may have been more enjoyable if the focus was on expanding the story line rather than adding random “s” words.

Summed up, I found this to be just a teeny bit dull. She outlines Sally and Dave’s activities and attributes, there is a little slug confrontation, followed up with one big event that prompts the slug reconciliation. Though maybe this is as thrilling as it gets …. considering it is a story about two slugs.

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