Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Billy Blue Hair: Why Do Giraffes Have Long Necks?

Kayo Media

Make your child feel extra special with a gift that has been personalized just for him! An introductory screen spells out the name of the recipient and the names of the gift-givers, and your child's name will appear on the cover of the DVD. Best of all - the narrator of this series uses your child's name throughout the video, so it seems as if Billy Blue Hair is talking directly to him.

Six animals are featured: American Bison, Siamang Ape, Red Ruffed Lemur, Giraffe, Zebra and Lion. As the narrator, Billy Blue Hair informs the viewers of all sorts of obscure facts. Did you know Siamang Apes inflate their throat sacs to sing loud vocal calls? Or that Red Ruffed Lemurs use their scent glands to communicate with other lemurs? Maybe you didn't know that giraffes have the largest eyes of all the land animals.

One negative - Billy Blue Hair's voice is high pitched and a little annoying. This didn't bother the children in our test group in the least, and the adults found it less noticeable as the video progressed. The live action nature shots of the animals in their natural habitats will captivate your child, and everyone will learn amazing facts about the featured animals. This is a wonderfully informative video, ideal for any child who expresses an interest in nature or a love of animals.

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