Friday, August 8, 2008

Splat the Cat

Rob Scotton
Harper Collins

Ah, poor Splat. His first day of Cat School is rapidly approaching and he's feeling the pressure. What if his teacher is mean? What if the other cats don't like him? What if he can't find the litter box? For support, he nestles his pet mouse Seymour right next to his fish bone sandwich inside his lunch box. At least he'll have one friend at school.

Splat's eyes are round with worry as he bicycles in that morning. But ... his teacher Mrs. Wimpydimple is super nice and the other cats are very welcoming! This school thing might work out after all. And then out pops Seymour and all heck breaks loose.

The illustrations are ultra charming. The way the cat fur radiates off their bodies makes them appear super soft and fuzzy. All sorts of fun details in the background add up to make this one unique cat town. This is a great read for any child. A particularly good choice for one anxious about starting a new school or activity.


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