Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Princess Who Had Nearly Everything

Mireille Levert

Tundra Books

Princess Alicia is terribly spoiled and has available to her nearly everything her heart could desire. The king and queen cater to her every whim, but still she cannot be satisfied. After a roller coaster and magnificent garden maze are custom built and presented to her, she bellows "I'm bored!" She has closets full of wonderful clothing and fancy shoes to wear, mountains of desserts to nibble at and a special automatic tub in which to bathe. Still bored!

Princess Alicia decides having a prince will cure her boredom, and a countrywide search for suitors ensues. Prince Connor arrives toting a big box of paper. Paper? He demonstrates how fun it can be to use his imagination and the princess is hooked. She loves it! Not only can she make things out of paper, but she goes on to discover many more activities she enjoys - knitting, hooked rugs, gardening and having children.

These illustrations are beautiful, reminiscent of an old-fashioned fairy tale. Fanciful drawings in bright colors sprawl across the pages. Readers will find the text makes for a modernized fairy tale, one that today's kids can identify with. Plus, the book provides excellent teaching opportunities - having money does not necessarily make you happy, but using your brain and imagination will make you rich in experience. And this may provide the perfect opportunity for a parent to nip the "I'm bored" phrase from their child's vocabulary.

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