Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chester's Back!

Melanie Watt
Kids Can Press

The fat cat is back and as sassy as ever! You can bet he's got his red marker in paw to help Melanie punch up the book. Her stories are *yawn* ever so dull until Chester adds his two cents.

Chester always wants to be the center of attention and enjoys making up wild stories to get himself there. He makes himself a cave cat famous for ... inventing the wheel, of course. No, no, he's an amazing magician! Chester mucks up the storyline so badly that Melanie has to hold auditions to find a new star. He then proceeds to derail those to get back in the limelight.

The good natured sparring between Melanie and Chester is really what makes the book. They each have their own idea for the direction of the storyline, and can't help trying to get the best of each other. Who gets the last laugh here? Actually, the readers do.

Melanie Watt does a fantastic job with this character, making him larger than life (with an ego a touch bigger). I love how she goes the extra mile to include comments and drawings from Chester in the dedication at the beginning of the book and author information on the back flap. The end result is a hilarious book that will entertain parents right along with kids. If you loved the original Chester, better plan on adding this one to your collection.

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