Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Christmas Toy

Muppet fans will be delighted to hear that this is being released for the first time ever on DVD! The tale was originally aired in 1986 as a prime time holiday special and has remained a beloved favorite for many.

On Christmas Eve, all the playroom toys magically come to life. They must be extra careful not to be seen by any humans, or they will be frozen forever. Everyone is excited about the new toys are arriving for Christmas ... except for one. Rugby, the stuffed tiger, was last year's favored gift and thinks he should be the star of the show again this year! He hatches a plan to join the other toys under the Christmas tree downstairs.

In his quest, Rugby accidentally releases Meteora, Queen of the Asteroids. She thinks she has landed among aliens and havoc ensues. Mew the cat and Apple the doll help return Rugby and Meteora to their rightful places and restore order to the playroom.

This is an excellent film that lets viewers have a glimpse into the secret lives of toys. It demonstrates that love, friendship and helping others are the most important gifts of all. Of course, it also contains those special Jim Henson touches of humor that we all can appreciate. It should be noted that Kermit the Frog was in the original airing, but was edited out for this version. He only had a short cameo and his absence does not have a large impact.

Do I need to say it? This would make a fabulous gift for any Muppet fan. Don't you love the anticipation of giving that perfect gift when you KNOW you have a winner?

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