Saturday, December 13, 2008

Half of an Elephant

One night, without warning, the world cracks in half. Animals everywhere discover that they too have been split. Half an elephant finds many other animals wandering about in the same predicament. Unable to find his other half, he attempts to join together with other animals, but with disappointing results.

This book does a fabulous job of demonstrating how trash can easily be transformed into treasure. Nuts, bolts, screws, wooden bits, torn cardboard and papers are all given a new life here. Our preschoolers were fascinated with the creations, racing to point out objects they recognized. Favorites included the rhino made of bread and the tape measure giraffe, although the monkeys are also outstanding.

Animals and scenery are pieced together out all sorts of items that would usually end up in the trash bin. Readers can see first hand how found objects are brought together to make art. "My idea," said Gusti, "is to show children that creativity helps us to live a better life."

This is a simple story accompanied by the most wonderful visuals. Definitely a combination designed to delight and inspire the creative person in all of us!

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