Sunday, December 21, 2008

Organic Cotton Joobles

We were surprised when Bella the Bunny arrived - both by her size and her softness. Judging the Joobles by their online photo, I had envisioned them to be much smaller and a bit rough. Wrong on both counts. Each one is actually eleven inches tall and unbelievably soft and cozy.

There are nine animals to choose from, which makes it easy to select a good match for your child (only Bella the Bunny and Pip the Dog are missing in the group photo to the right). I love how each one is made from brightly colored yarns, boasting a friendly expression. They have a fun, funky quality to them and a wonderfully original design.

Their super soft bodies and eco-friendly construction means that there is no age limit imposed on a Jooble. These would make an ideal infant or toddler gift as there are no small pieces to be wary of. While babies gnaw on an ear or a foot, parents can rest assured that the Joobles are made of organic yarns and eco-friendly dyes. Squish, hug, and cuddle to your heart's content!

All items created by Fair Indigo are produced through fair trade. The construction of each item provides work and hope to hundreds of rural and urban Peruvians all over the country. Small groups of impoverished workers are trained to run their own small businesses making hand-knit clothing and accessories. In addition to providing much needed employment, they train workers throughout Peru in such valuable skills as quality control and production planning.

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