Friday, December 5, 2008

Pingu's South Pole Adventures

HIT Entertainment


Pingu is a wacky penguin who lives at the South Pole with his parents, sister (Pinga) and penguin friends. Never a dull day, Pingu keeps busy ice fishing, sledding, dancing and even meeting a snow monster.

The medium used is claymation, which is animated clay pieces. The igloos are pretty funny, as they are furnished to appear as tradional homes with beds, couches, pillows, etc.
Although none of the animals speak full sentences, they do "talk" with many other verbal noises. These are definitely not silent videos, and this style takes a bit of getting used to.

Each episode is short and sweet at only five minutes long. As bonus features, the disc also includes a character galley called Pingu's Family Album and a Snowball Roll and Bowl Game.

This DVD is a collection of eight of Pingu's best icy adventures: Pingu and the Abominable Snowman, Pingu and the Daily Igloo, Pingu Boogaloo, Pinga Sleepwalks, Pingu Tries to Fly, Pingu Plays Tag, Pingu Gets Carried Away, Pingu's Big Catch

Watch a portion of Pingu Boogaloo to see if you like the style:


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