Monday, December 8, 2008

Win your very own Smart-e-friend!

This is a whole new breed of toy. And what a toy it is! The cuddliest friend a child could ask for is packed full of the latest technology - think iPod meets the toddler set. Each animal comes fully loaded with software and wants to play as soon as it emerges from the box. But that's not all these cuddly guys offer! They are called Smart-e because these friends have the ability to continually add new material to their repertoire.

Parents can choose from a huge list of customized songs, games and activities available for download at the Smart-e-bear website. Your child's companion can even call him by name, after you select that name from a long list on the website. How cool is that?

With smart-e-bear, parents have unprecedented control over an enriching, interactive, educational play experience. Playtime is always fresh and exciting as new media and software downloads keep smart-e-bear growing and learning with your child. With smart-e-software, it's as easy as Connect, Click, Cuddle.

Intellitoys has made the connect and click as easy for parents as possible. Open the velcro on the animals back, connect the cord provided to your computer and just follow the directions! Instructions on the website are crystal clear, making it a snap to download new material for your child's enjoyment (even for technologically challenged parents).

To enter the giveaway:

Visit Smart-e-bear. Browse the categories of Artists, Stories and Games. Leave a comment with your answer to: What would you download first if you had a Smart-e-bear? Be sure you provide a valid email address so that we may contact the winner. Winner gets their choice of bear, cat or dog. Contest ends December 15th, 9:00 pm.

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