Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eeboo Wall Cards

Alphabet wall cards from Eeboo are a terrific choice for the nursery, playroom or child's bedroom. These are especially wonderful because they serve a dual purpose - a unique decoration and a tool for learning the alphabet in a really fun way!

The cards are quite large - each one is 8" x 10". Because they are printed on nice thick card stock, it is not necessary to frame them prior to hanging. They look wonderful arranged as a border around the perimeter of a room, or placed more loosely in groups about the room. Whichever method you choose, the bright colors and whimsical drawings will add a special touch.

Not just for babies, children that are already familiar with the alphabet can also enjoy these. We have the animal parade set and our four year old is occupied with spelling out the words on each card. The animals range from the familiar to the unusual, all brightly colored and visually appealing.

A perfectly designed gift box contains twenty-six cards tied with a ribbon. They make a fabulous baby shower gift! Available from Sugarplum Dreams in three designs: Animal Parade, Flowers, and Read to Me. Which is your favorite?

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