Saturday, January 31, 2009

Emily the Chickadee

Carol Zelaya; Illustrations by Kristin Metcalf
Richlee Publishing

This is a three part series of true stories based on the author's own backyard experiences. She wrote these books after watching a very special chickadee who built nests in the most interesting places.

Each book is a natural progression in the life of a black-capped chickadee, as told from a young girl's point of view. We are introduced to Emily the chickadee in the first book, and learn about her nesting habits as she welcomes her new family. The second book teaches us how humans can help provide birds with life essentials, which is a great lesson for children to learn. The third book details when the author moved ... and along followed Emily!

These are simple stories with sweet illustrations. The rhyming verse in the first book is irritating with every sentence ending with same sound (me, be, tree, chickadee) but thankfully the author moves past this for the next two books. Emily and her caretaker are depicted in true to life, brightly colored drawings.

It's wonderful that the author is so appreciative of her own backyard that she was inspired to create these stories. These books can open a child's eyes to a whole new world right outside their window. The last page in each book is My Chickadee Log, which provides readers an opportunity to keep track of their own chickadee sightings.

1. Emily Waits For Her Family
2. Caring For Emily's Family
3. Emily's New Home

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