Saturday, January 24, 2009

Plant Secrets

Emily Goodman


This book offers a wonderfully insightful look into the life cycle of plants. We begin with seeds. If they receive the proper amounts of water, sun and air, they will grow into plants. Plants produce flowers, which in turn, create fruit. Inside each fruit is .... you guessed it - seeds!

The explanations are worded very simply, which makes this an ideal read for younger children. For each step, the same four common plants are used as the example, so we can "see" how they appear in each set of the process. And what a great way to learn this process! We watch as the seeds of rose, oak, pea and tomato progress from seeds that are difficult to distinguish into plants which vary greatly in appearance.

The explanations are accompanied by big, bold illustrations in vivid colors. The kids in our group had a great time identifying the flowers, fruits and leaves pictures on each page. Even if a reader is too young to truly grasp the plant cycle, he or she will still enjoy these beautiful drawings.

The plant cycle is a fascinating process, and this book offers a great introduction. The simple presentation and engaging photos make this book an ideal choice for any young gardener.

Available in both hardcover and paperback.

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