Sunday, February 15, 2009

Watch Out for Wolfgang

This is the futuristic version of The Three Little Pigs. Rather than pigs, we find three robot brothers stepping forth into the world to seek their fortunes. Just as the pigs were warned about the big, bad wolf, these robots must beware of Wolfgang the Recycler. He is the type of robot that dismantles other robots for their parts. He will CLINK and he will CLANK, and he will tear your robot down!

The three brothers are very different from each other. Rod (yellow) always listens to his mother and makes her proud by oiling his gears and polishing his chrome on a regular basis. Slick (blue) earns his moniker with a natural ability to sweet talk and his snazzy good looks. Dudley (green) is rusty, oddly put together, and tends to blurt out odd noises. His quirks have earned him the nickname "Dud" from his brothers.

The three brothers enter the real world and follow their hearts. Rod dutifully buys a practical factory, Slick buys a fancy factory and Dud orders twelve truckloads of mud to wallow in. As their mother predicted, Wolfgang the Recycler comes to each brother, looking for parts. In the end, it is Dud who saves the day and his brothers' parts.

This is a great book for robot loving kids. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find books for rough and tumble boys (or tomboys), but this book really fits the bill. Machines, mud, gears, and plenty of action make this an exciting read. Kids will love the bright, futuristic illustrations and parents will like the book's message. Not everyone must follow the same path, but rather choose the path that is right for them.

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