Thursday, April 30, 2009

For You and No One Else

Boyds Mills Press/Lemniscaat

Edward van de Vendel & Martijn van der Linden

While cavorting blissfully through the forest one day, Buck makes a wonderful discovery - a seven leaf clover. Finding a seven leaf clover is an unbelievable feat! Filled with joy, he leaps into the air and prances about. Instantly, Buck knows who should receive this amazing find. Why, his best friend Sparklehart, of course, and no one else.

To Buck's dismay, his best friend takes a closer look at the ground and discovers his gift isn't that special after all. This particular field is filled with clover, all of which is the seven leafed variety. While Buck is disappointed, Sparklehart is elated. He picks a mouthful and doles them out to his lady friends, telling each recipient "There was only one, and I thought: This is for you and no one else." Gasp! Sparkle is a ladies' deer! He is also a little bit of a poetic thief, stealing Buck's delivery line.

Understandably, Buck is crushed and trots off into the forest to have a good pout. In the middle of his sulk, he lifts his head and finds ... a twelve leaf clover. A twelve leaf clover is the most amazing find of all. He pauses for a moment, evaluates, and decides that this was meant for his friend Sparklehart and no one else.

I'm not totally sure what the message here is. Maybe stay true to your friends even when they let you down? Bros before does? Be very clear with your intentions? Whatever the intended meaning, this little book really nails that combination of being lovely and comedic at the same time. Simple black and white illustrations are paired with bright lime green text, hitting the lovely mark. For humor, all the deer wear jaunty outfits and have human-like characteristics and mannerisms. In total, a slightly odd, but completely enjoyable read.


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