Monday, April 20, 2009

I Love Chocolate

Tundra Books
Davide Cali; Illustrated by Evelyn Daviddi

This is the most perfect post-Easter book. Like many houses, the bunny recently left us a basket overflowing with sugar-laden goodies. Of course, the most attractive and delectable selections are the chocolates. As the boy in the book succinctly states "I love chocolate because it even looks yummy!" How right he is.

Apparently this book is just as fitting for adults as children, because I agreed with nearly every sentiment offered here. I love chocolate because it makes bad times better. Check. I love chocolate because it makes every day a celebration. Check, check. The only hard part about loving chocolate is eating too much. Triple check. You got my number, kid.

Readers would be quite foolish to attempt to tackle this one without a secret stash of chocolates on hand. Very foolish indeed, as point after valid point is made about the merits of this rich treat. First the different types of chocolates are discussed - if you need a refresher, those would be crunchy, chewy, ooey and gooey. Next we move on to the various interiors, shapes and colors, followed up by the best days and times to partake. Big finish with a refresher on chocolate eating styles - I'm a dainty chocolate dabbler myself, but I could be friends with a monster muncher.

Although this book speaks the wicked truth about the brown beast, it does so in a clever way. Silly scenarios paired with some great illustrations means this is a book you can giggle at. One peep and you'll probably agree that this is a humorous delight .. unless you are too busy working out those rotten chocolate smears from your best pants.

Mama Robot. is another yet excellent selection by Davide Cali.

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