Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yellowstone Treasures: The Traveler's Companion to the National Park

Happy National Park Week! This is a week proclaimed by the President as a time to celebrate and recognize national and state parks, national monuments and historic sites in the United States. The best tribute would be to hit the road and visit some of those sites! But we're the literary sort here, and our celebrations lean towards reading rather than doing. Thus, we offer up an awesome guide on the very first National Park in the U.S. - Yellowstone!

Janet Chapple is no stranger to Yellowstone. Rather, she knows it inside and out as her interest took hold early in her childhood days and continued to blossom. Chapple's recommendations are based are real experiences - she has spent many summer months in the park, hiking every single trail that she suggests. Consequently, this is a terrific guide - comprehensive, well organized and easy to use.

Yellowstone has over 300 miles of roads. Where to start? Using this book is the equivalent to using a great travel guide of the silent type - the perfect resource. This is 392 pages jam packed with information about America's oldest and most diverse national park. Chapple details the pros and cons of visiting during each month, what to expect from the park, the best features and the insider's tips on some of the less well-known places. In addition, the book includes 37 maps, charts of campgrounds and other facilities, detailed diagrams and over 200 photos.

Chapple writes the type of guidebook that inspires even indoor-type people to get out and experience Yellowstone. This is a very detailed guide that takes a massive attraction and makes it seem approachable and manageable. With this, you could plan a wonderful family vacation with memories that would last a lifetime!

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