Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


Maya Dolittle, the daughter of the infamous Dr. Dolittle, is all grown up. If you remember from the original movie, Maya has the ability to communicate with animals, just like her dad. No matter what type of animal it is, she can understand what they are trying to say just as if they were talking to her.

Naturally, with this type of gift, Maya's dream in life is to help animals. As such, she is heading off to college to become a veterinarian when she finds out how much schooling a vet requires before they start working with animals. Discouraged, Maya seeks to find a way around all that pesky schooling so she can interact with animals right away. Helping a cat down from a tree lands Maya on the local news, which garners the attention of Tiffany, a teenage heiress (think Paris Hilton). After Maya helps Tiffany's dog regain happiness, they form a partnership and head into Hollywood.

Maya and Tiffany make the rounds, helping celebrities with their animals. As Maya becomes more well known, she starts to crave the attention and college is looking like more of a dim prospect. There is talk of having her own television show and Maya is blinded by the glitz and glitter of Los Angeles. It takes the help of her faithful dog Lucky to remember what her life should be about and get back on track.

I like that the same actress (Kyla Pratt) who played Maya in the first two Dolittle movies has reclaimed her role here. And Norm MacDonald continues to provide the voice for Maya's sidekick Lucky. It pretty much boils down to one thing: if you find animals who talk to be humorous, this movie would be an excellent choice. If talking animals aren't your thing - find a different movie to watch. Our group of kids were giggling darn near uncontrollably. Talking cats and dogs really tickle the funny bone of any kid under ten years of age. Throw a talking monkey in there and you have a runaway hit.

DVD Release Date: May 19, 2009
Run Time: 87 minutes

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