Sunday, June 21, 2009

Duck! Rabbit!

As you may notice from the cover, the main drawing presents an ambiguous figure in which the brain switches between seeing a rabbit and a duck. Honestly, when I saw this book for the first time I didn't see the duck at all. The rabbit jumped right out at me and I really had to concentrate before I could see the duck.

The old rabbit/duck illusion has been around for a long time, but the animals have never been drawn this cute before. Plus they do fun stuff that helps you see the duck vs the rabbit. It's easy to identify the duck when he has a crust of bread poised in his bill. Or is the rabbit ready to nibble the carrot stick? Shortly thereafter, we hear animal noises, quacks alternating with rabbit-like sniffing. The argument over the type gets so heated that the animal in question is scared clean away.

This is a super simple, fun twist on an old classic. Kids will have the best time debating which animal it is they see and their reasons why. I'm definitely on the rabbit side of the fence, but open to hearing the duck point of view. Watch the video below for a quick read, or visit the mini-site from Chronicle Books for even more fun!



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