Monday, July 13, 2009

Being a Pig is Nice

Random House
Sally Lloyd-Jones; Illustrations by Dan Krall

Are you tired of being nagged by your parents to wash your hands, sit up straight and mind your manners? You should consider becoming a pig - they don't have to deal with that nonsense. When you are a proper swine, it is imperative to be dirty and just a wee bit rank. Pig parents value filth and stink. Or if pace is your problem, you could become a snail instead. Snails kids are encouraged to dawdle and lag behind the others.

This book touts the advantages to becoming part of any number of animal families. Elephants get to splash in the tub as much as they want, flinging water in all directions. Monkeys get to be all sorts of crazy, and owls stay up all night long! Monsters are the very best because they are bad and naughty all the time. If you are a monster, you must be dreadful and disgusting and rude as they come. What could be more fun that that?

The little girl in this story has oodles of imagination, which makes for a super fun read. It's a pretty hilarious concept for kids to picture themselves being part of another animal family, and to expound on what the expectations for that animal would be. Getting in trouble for being too neat or going to bed early? Expect a lot of hooting and howling when reading this one.

The bright illustrations are a perfect match for this wild animal story. Definitely an awesome read for kids of all ages! Check out the trailer below to get a great feel for this one. Super fun and just generally hilarious and enjoyable.


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