Thursday, July 16, 2009

DVD Lunch Box Series



How cool are these? Soft sided lunchboxes created expressly for the preschool set. Choose from Bob the Builder, Barney, Thomas & Friends or Care Bears to make your little one's lunch time a lot more fun. Each one is insulated, easy to clean, and just the right size for a tot-sized lunch.

The lunchboxes themselves are pretty neat, but more so is the fact that each ones comes stocked with three DVDs featuring episodes from that particular series.

Bob the Builder Lunch Box contains The Big Game - Bob and his machine team are ready to play! Prepping for the big soccer match, a line-marking machine suddenly runs amok. Can the Can-Do Crew fix it in time for the opening whistle? Celebrate With Bob - Looks like Bob is in for a busy, busy day! There’s a dance contest, a surprise birthday party, a really messy office and a broken computer, but it’s all in a day’s work for our favorite Can-Do builder. Can We Fix It? - It’s harvest time and there’s plenty to do: Farmer Pickle’s barn is about to collapse and needs repair before the impending rainstorm, Travis gets stuck in the mud, a golf course needs constructing and Bob builds himself right into a windmill!

Thomas & Friends Lunch Box contains: Tales from the Tracks - Ride the rails to adventure as Thomas and his engine friends attend a birthday picnic, discover a ghost engine and learn the legend of a very special lamp. Best of Percy - Learn more about the junior member of the railway, a faithful friend of Thomas’ from the very beginning, and celebrate all of the special traits and qualities that make Percy a fan favorite. Races, Rescues & Runaways - You’ll find that life on the Island of Sodor is never boring, especially when the engines get into trouble. But no worries, as friends are always there to lend a helping hand for each other.

Barney Lu
nch Box contains Adventure Bus - Hop aboard and get ready for the ride of your life as bus driver Barney takes you to some of the gang’s favorite imaginary destinations, including a castle, a pizzeria, a circus and the Old West! Imagination Island - A storybook adventure comes to life when Tosha and Min discover that their wish to sail to a magical island is possible with help from Barney and his friends. Everyone is Special - Join Barney and his friends for a dino-mite day in the park as they celebrate all the things that make them, and you, special!

The Care Bears Lunch Box contains Journey to Joke-a-Lot - Follow Funshine Bear, who, frustrated by too many jokes gone wrong, travels to faraway Joke-a-lot where the community of kooky characters quickly crowns him King. His fellow Care Bears leave the comforts of Care-a-lot behind and embark on a quest to coax their friend to return home. The Gift of Caring - In seven heartwarming episodes, the Care Bears tumble through birthday parties, reunite with long-lost friends and even search for a valley of gold! They are wrapping up some fun they can't wait to share with you! Fitness Fun On Your Mark...Get Set...Go Have Fun! Join in active adventures that teach everyone how to be a good sport. In five fun-filled episodes, the Care Bears and their Cousins share lessons in friendship, fair play and fitness. The whole family will love getting into the game!

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