Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tickle Monster

Now THIS is a clever idea. Pairing a book about a tickle happy monster with a matching set of fuzzy mittens for which to tickle your own little readers. The book/mitten combo is so adorable that they end up being completely and totally irresistible. I think this is some sort of parent trap.

This colorful character comes straight down from Planet Tickle in his spaceship. He's a monster all right, but not the scary kind. There's only one thing this fuzzbucket has his sights set on - tickling every inch of your body! He starts with the piggies and footsies and moves right along to your knees and the tummy. A quick nibble on your neck and a grab at your underarm-pitties!

Honestly, the book is so adorably silly - the kids involved will be giggling like mad. I think the language chosen (footsies, little tum-tum, etc.) shows the book is aimed at a younger set, though older children may enjoy donning the mitts and acting as tickler. The illustrations are vibrant and cheery. The main monster features rainbow striped horns and tail, with a big orange nose that looks ripe for honking. His tickle prey is equally cuddly, with a small orange body and striped ears.

The tickle monster mitts (sold separately) are a genius addition to the book. Alone, the book is cute, but the matching tickle gloves really kick it up a notch. These are made from super soft baby blue fur, with a soft pink underbelly. Slip the ribbed, rainbow cuffs (just like the monster in the book!) over your wrists, fingers right out the slots, and tickle away! The design makes it possible to turn the pages AND do some heavy tickling.

The book paired with tickle monster mitts certainly make this an interactive read. Kids will be wriggling and giggling each times the mitts make an appearance. A really great package that was a huge hit at our house!

Watch author Josie Bissett reading Tickle Monster:


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