Monday, August 31, 2009

Bob the Builder: Call in the Crew

This is another one of those DVDs that contains that magical phrase "featuring never before seen episodes." Not only that, but this also includes a bonus collectible toy vehicle, tucked in right at the top. These are really sturdy little toys, with full metal bodies and moving parts. I would be very surprised if kids weren't clamoring for more to add to their collections.

Watch as Bob and his crew build a house, open a new cafe, fix an old gate and help a family of ducks. Parents know their children are learning about teamwork, positive thinking and problem solving when they watch Bob and his Can-Do Crew.

Inside the package, you will find a coupon for a free child's admission to Legoland (California or Chicago) with the purchase of an adult's admission. This offer expires 12/31/10.

Five episodes: Massive Muck, Roley's Moleys, Scoop Slips Up, Scrambler's Seaweed Delivery and Muck's Convoy

Special features: Lofty the Painter game and Skip's Chute Rescue game

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