Friday, August 7, 2009

Spanish for Beginners

The easiest way to teach kids a foreign language? Make it fun! Just like name implies, Whistlefritz is whimsical and engaging, which will make learning Spanish literally seem like child's play. This series uses stories, funny characters, and lively music to become an interactive teaching tool with which to stimulate and educate kids.

The series uses Spanish immersion, meaning children learn by hearing and speaking only Spanish. No English is spoken. Whistlefritz Spanish DVDs and CDs are designed to captivate kids with animals, puppets, dance, music, and play. The children love the programs and, with repetition, learn Spanish without even realizing it. I love a tricky learning tool! It's just as satisfying as feeding them healthy food and passing it off as a treat.

Spanish for Beginners is non-stop fun as teacher Maria and the Whistlefritz kids search for the mischievous mouse Fritzi. Together, they explore their world inside and out, having a huge amount of fun with animation, puppets and music.

Learning to understand and speak Spanish (the world’s third most spoken language) opens a whole new cultural world to your children. This series leads the way to ensure that learning the language is an enjoyable experience. The CDs and DVDs are a wonderful way sneak that Spanish right into their heads and have fun at the same time.

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