Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunday Chutney

One of the first things you'll notice about Sunday Chutney is her slightly unusual name. The second thing you'll notice is her broad, sunny smile. Sunday admits she's a bit off the beaten path, but she's happiest that way.

Because of her dad's job, Sunday Chutney has lived all over the world. She's quite accustomed to being new in school. So everyone thinks the new girl is weird - who cares? Sunday enjoys her own company and has learned to create her own fun. She has a vivid imagination and tons of interests.

Among others, Sunday loves big breakfasts with her parents, drum solos, marine biology and sticking up for a good cause. She does not love grumpy people, creamed corn (eh, can't blame her there) or bullies. Even though Sunday really enjoys making new friends and finds traveling to be wonderfully glamorous, she does sometimes wish her family would settle down and stay in one town. But she has big dreams and a great big imagination to rely on until that happens!

It's very enjoyable to read a book centered around a female character with a lot of self confidence. Sunday wears glasses, enjoys athletics and never tries to downplay her intelligence. She has loads of interests and doesn't seem to care what people think of her. Sunday Chutney is being her own person and having a great time doing it. Consequently, this is an awesome book for helping children appreciate their own talents and gifts. Fun and interesting people stand up for what they like, even if that means they stand out from the crowd.

This is Aaron Blabey's second book. Check out his first: Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley.


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