Monday, October 26, 2009

The 13 Days of Halloween

Sourcebooks, Inc.
Carol Greene; Illustrated by Tim Raglin

Here's an easy way to get your kids in the mood for some tricks and treats - teach them this fun new Halloween song! Based on the Twelve Days of Christmas, with creepy new lyrics, this song is actually a combination of old and new.

I think having a good collection of holiday books is a great way to preserve memories with very little effort. We find great books and pack them away for most of the year. When the time rolls around to haul them out, the great times from years past come flooding back with the turn of each page. It's a great way to create your very own family traditions.

Just like the traditional Christmas song, this one features the excellent gifts received for the thirteen (because that number is always reserved for this holiday) days of Halloween. Of course, the very first gift is a vulture in a dead tree. If you think that's creepy, think of the alternative - a dead vulture in a tree. The illustrations on each page shows the building of the gifts, with the twelfth page stuffed full of spooky presents. We see giggling ghosts, fat toads, creeping spiders and oodles of goblins and wizards. The thirteen page has surprise in store for the readers, making them exercise their imaginations a bit.

Yup, the book is meant to be creepy and crawly, but it's also a great deal of fun. The illustrations are brightly colored and definitely not the terribly scary sort. I was glad to discover the overall silly nature translated to this being an entirely appropriate book for young children. We loved it this year and we'll keep on loving it for years to come!

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