Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bye-Bye, Baby!

Walker & Company

Richard Morris; Illustrated by Larry Day

This is quite possibly the most perfect book to give to an older child once a new baby has come along. It can be really difficult to accept a new sibling, when the first-born is used to getting all the attention. This humorous look into that exact situation could help many families help ease the transition from only child to happy duo.

Felix has recently been promoted to big brother status and he is none too happy about it. He was perfectly content to have Poncho, his stuffed donkey as a steadfast companion - not some drippy baby. A marked difference is that while Poncho is silent, the new baby terribly LOUD. She's so loud she keeps Felix up at night and gives his mom a headache.

Helpfully, Felix suggests they return the new baby, but his parents seem to be pretty attached to her. When she is old enough to walk, the whole family takes a trip to the zoo. Felix amuses himself by imagining how each animal could take care of his little sister problem. The elephant is big enough to sit on her and the hippopotamus is big enough to eat her right up. The giraffe could put her up in a tall tree and Felix would never have to see her again!

Fexlix is having such a good time at the zoo that he doesn't want to leave. Forcibly removed, he pitches a fit and cries all the way home. Neither his mom nor his dad know how to soothe him .... but his new baby sister does. At that point Felix comes to the realization that she truly cares about him and in turn, he doesn't mind her being around so much.

We all know the feelings of jealousy that can erupt when a new baby makes an appearance. This is a humorous way to show an older brother or sister that they aren't the only ones that feel like ditching the new baby. I love the surly expressions on Felix's face in the illustrations. He looks like he has a lot of choice words about this new sister of his!

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