Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creature ABC

We have a great collection of alphabet books, but this one stands head and shoulders, beak and tail above most of them! Amazing, spellbinding animal photography makes this a book that your children will get hours of pleasure from. It will also be one of those books that can stand the test of time for when the next generation is ready to learn the alphabet.

Some basic explanation: Each animal is assigned four pages. Two pages proclaim the letter in a big black font with a photo of that animal, while the next two pages give the animal's name with a different photo. All white backgrounds and a bold black font gives a no-nonsense attitude and puts the focus squarely on the animals.

As you can see by the examples here, this is truly astonishing photography. Some of the pictures appear so perfect that the animals don't even look real. Andrew Zuckerman first published Creature in 2007, which was 300 pages of studio portraits taken of 175 wild creatures, retailing for $60. He pared down the animals to fit the alphabet and added a few extras to bring us the more affordable version of Creature ABC. Check out the trailer below that shows some of the the studio time that went into the making of the original Creature.

If children had coffee tables, this would be on the top of the stack. They will come for the animals and stay for the entire alphabet. A beautiful book that we will look through again and again, long after the alphabet has been memorized. A great choice for all ages!


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