Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wild Animals!

Tundra Books

Eduardo Bustos, Lucho Rodriguez

Are you in the market for a simple, yet brilliantly colored book about animals for younger children? I have some great news! If this sort of book isn't already on your list, maybe it should be. This bright and brilliant book would be the perfect choice for younger children who have a strong interest in wild animals, but are not yet ready for the more intensive books that provide pages and pages of facts (you know, the ones they always pick at bedtime that make your eyes gloss over) and information.

Eleven animals are featured here, each one getting its own two page spread. The first page shows a small full body illustration of the animal, with a short paragraph that gives some details or points of interest. The paragraph is written as if the animal is speaking directly to the readers. The fox says "Do you think I look like a dog? We are related, but I am not happy in a pack. I am a solitary creature - wherever I live around the world."

Although the full body illustrations are nice, the opposing page is the real eye candy - a full color geometric illustration of just the animal's head. The background pages are all black, which means of course, that the illustrations pop right off the page! As you can see by the examples shown here, these are vibrant and interesting designs. That back cover states that illustrator began his career in graphic design.

With the short paragraphs and vivid illustrations, this really is a good choice for younger children - maybe three to five years of age. Old enough to absorb the information and not be hungering for more details. Plus, they will be undoubtedly fascinated by all the shapes that appear in the faces of the animals.

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