Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chris Wormell

Jules at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast has just posted a very smart interview with author Chris Wormell, who has a host of other delicious books to his name. Chris hails from the UK, which is why only some of his books are available to us in the States. Still, we'll take what we can get, right?

We reviewed Ferocious Wild Beasts by Chris Wornell last fall and just loved it. As a way of keeping him from wandering away, a little boy's mother has filled his head with stories of all the terrible beasts who dwell in the forest. In the end, it isn't the little boy who is frightened, but the very animals themselves. They run screaming into the night, terrified by what might be lurking in the forest.

As soon as I had finished the Seven interview, I tacked Molly and the Night Monster to my growing list of must-buy books. Doesn't it look as though it would be a nice mate to Ferocious Wild Beasts? It nearly looks as though some of the animals stumbled right out of the forest and into Molly's hallway.

Hitch over and take a look into the mind of author/illustrator who has the ability to produce these wonderful books. He explains his thinking and producing processes, shows off some of his illustrative tools and names some creative influences.

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