Sunday, June 13, 2010

Magic Scratchers

Danny Orleans; Illustrated by Yancey Labat

Need a little wow factor?  Introducing the perfect activity book for the car, a rainy day, or just to show your kids you can be a cool parent. This is a small book with a huge effect. The front covers boasts "You won't believe your eyes!" and it doesn't disappoint.  Grab yourself a coin and get ready to perform some single handed magic.
Each page supplies specific step by step directions. If you carefully follow these, you will be amazed to discover how accurately the book can predict your answers.  Are you thinking what the Great Scratchini is thinking?  See if he can predict which color crayon you will land on in Rainbow Vision.  Try your hand at unveiling which card is hiding under his sleeve in He's Got Your Number. Or give Scratch and Match a try to see if the Great Scratchini will reveal the number you are thinking of. 

Obviously, there is solid mathematical and scientific reasoning for these "tricks" to work. But instead of figuring out the why behind the magic, I'm just going to enjoy the book and believe in the power of the Great Scratchini. I'm amazed by his knowledge!  I'm thinking more kids will love this book as much as I do.  They will like the interactive aspect of scratching off (why is it that we all like to do that?) the silver bits to get to see if the correct answer will be revealed.  Plus, it's shiny and has cool illustrations. It's the perfect car trip accessory: fun for kids, quiet for parents. 

Review copy provided by Chronicle Books.

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