Thursday, September 16, 2010

Animal House

Candace Ryan; Illustrated by Nathan Hale

Jeremy lives in this animal house.  Not a house full of animals, as you might think, but his house is actually made of animals. The walls are wallrus, the the lamp is a lamprey and the hamper is a hampster.  Nearly everything in Jeremy's house is comprised of animals which makes for a pretty cool, and yet slightly treacherous house.
Jeremy is accustomed to his house, but his stories sound pretty far-fetched to his teacher.  After being presented with several unusual tales (Really, the vulchair ate your homework? Okaaay.) Mrs. Nuddles  announces she will come over and have a look at that house with her own eyes.  Her trip turns out to be very enlightening, but not in the way that she thought!

As soon as Mrs. Nuddles crosses the welcome bat, she seems a bit taken aback by Jeremy's house. The entryway is paved with floormingos, his parents are grooming the walls with giant brushes and combs and the staircase (haircase) is row upon row of  bunnies.  Jeremy has to keep his teacher from being attacked by a few of the more exuberant animals - it isn't just homework the vulchair likes to eat.     

Candace Ryan does a great job at crossing animals with household objects to come up with some really clever combinations.  I particularly like the armapillows, cowch and refrigergator. The puns are not all blatantly obvious, so you may have to puzzle a bit to figure a few of them.  If you get stuck, just refer to the illustrations on the inside cover where all the animals are properly tagged.

It seems like it would have been a pretty fun assignment for illustrator Nathan Hale to bring these newfangled beasts to life.  And what a job he has done! Just like Jeremy's teacher had to see the house in person, you really have to see these illustrations for yourself. Very clever and entertaining, this a great book for anyone who loves a good pun. 

Review copy provided by Bloomsbury Publishing.  

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