Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chick 'n' Pug

To be honest, I fell for this book based on the cover art alone. We have our own (aging) pug, so I'm definitely biased. Anyone who has owned pugs will probably tell you they are lazy little fiends, but incredibly loving and sweet. And as much as I love a pug, I can still admit that it's really Chick who is stealing the cover with his confident expression and rakishly titled beret.

Chick lives for reading The Adventures of Wonder Pug - each page in his copy has been flipped exactly 127 times. With the henhouse full of boring, snoring hens, energetic Chick sets off to find some real life excitement. Imagine how delighted he is to come across a real, live Wonder Pug right in his own backyard! Chick is spellbound just watching him sleep. And sleep. And sleep some more. Okay, maybe this Wonder Pug needs a little prodding to be wonderful.  

Once awakened, Pug continues to do amazing things ... if you considering rolling around on the ground and ear scratching to be amazing. He then resumes napping while Chick flutters nervously about.  He's just sure this pug is going to spring into action at any moment! Will he attack the knitted rope or show that Frisbee who's boss?

Chick is so enamored of his new discovery that he is quite sure something exciting could happen at any time.  I think Chick has some high hopes that far exceed the real life actions of most pugs.  But still, you gotta love a little chick that continues to hold his hero in such high esteem, with no proof that his admiration is deserved.

Eventually the pug's owner comes over and there is a bit of a scuffle over an undignified outfit. After that, Chick takes matters into his own hands (wings?) and helps scare away an evil-looking, fluffy cat lurking nearby. To Chick, the pug he found may be a teensy bit lazy, but he is every bit as cool as his hero in The Adventures of Wonder Pug. This one just requires a little yellow sidekick!

Review copy provided by Bloomsbury.

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