Friday, July 1, 2011

Slightly Invisible

Poor Charlie, he is such a nice kid and really puts up with a lot when it comes to his younger sister Lola. She isn't badly behaved, but she is immensely curious and she likes a certain amount of attention. Although he likes his little sister, at times Charlie just wants to spend a bit of time alone with his best friend (wait for it) Marv. And Lola doesn't want to miss a minute of the fun. 

Just when Charlie and Marv are knee deep in their imaginative adventures, Lola interrupts. While they are floating through space hunting Martians, Lola clomps onto their spaceship with her tea set. Just as they had discovered an amazing sea monster while deep sea diving, Lola plops it into her buggy for a stroll around the block. You can't blame the two for coming up with a little scheme designed to get them a bit of a break.

Together, the boys concoct a secret potion that will create invisibility. Judging by the ingredients (pink milk and a bit of banana) I think it is obvious who the intended recipient is. Sure enough, when they open the fridge after a short absence, the potion is gone and Lola's voice is floating out from seemingly nowhere. But it quickly discovered that Lola is just under the bed and it her invisible friend Soren Lorensen who drank the potion.

And it is Soren Lorensen who ate all the cookies. Strangely enough, Soren Lorensen's voice is also invisible, heard only Lola. But he tells her how to catch the tricky creature the boys are tracking, and she relays the information to them. The method is quite unorthodox, involving a tea set and a stuffed rabbit, but it works. And then Soren Loensen and Lola retire to drink the rest of the pink milk, asking Charlie and Marv to not bother or interrupt them.          

I don't believe I will ever tire of Lauren Child. Her signature style of mixing and matching patterns and fonts in such a pleasing way results in books that are always such a joy to read. This is one of those extra large picture books that seems like such a luxury spread out. You'll have to look very closely to see Soren Lorensen on the pages. His body is a transparent but shiny like sticker, which makes him fun to search for.     

Review copy provided by Candlewick Press. 

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