Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pomelo Begins to Grow


Ramona Badescu; Illustrated by Benjamin Chaud

Pomelo is a tiny, pink baby elephant. He used to be the size of a radish, but his favorite dandelion suddenly seems rather small. Could it be that he has grown? Pomelo thinks it’s time to do a little measuring. Yes! He has definitely grown. The young elephant is ecstatic, shrieking as he flips his tiny, pink body into the air. 
Pomelo’s growth spurt makes him start thinking very hard about himself and his path. He has a lot of unanswered questions about growing up. What has to happen on the inside for him to grow on the outside? Will he grow at the same speed as his friends? Will he change color? It isn’t just physical growth that Pomelo is worried about. He also wonders if his mind will mature to match his body’s pace. Will he lose interest in clowning around and start to like different things? Pomelo has so many unanswered questions, but he feels big enough to take on whatever new adventures come his way. 

I love how the illustrations range from ordinary to fantastical. Pomelo pictures his body parts growing at different speeds, with six funny drawings. One of my favorite pages is the one where he is imagining the inside of his body being controlled by tiny men working gears and levers. But then I also like his reaction to trying new experiences (spicy pepper!) and his little totem pole of how all creatures are connected to one another.

 Pomelo’s thoughts about growth are varied – probably not too far off from what a child would come up with.  He is a bit nervous and has some crazy ideas about what could possibly happen. Exactly why this book is such a great way to discuss physical, mental and emotional growth with your children! They will certainly identify with Pomelo who simultaneously cannot wait to grow up and yet wants to remain a carefree child. 

Review copy provided by Enchanted Lion. 

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