Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Without You

Genevieve Cote

That looks like quite a sour little pig and rabbit on the front cover, doesn't it? They are pouting just like a couple of kids who haven't yet learned how to iron out their differences while playing together. Is there a more perfect book for a couple of squabbling siblings? Probably not.

Little pig careens across the grass with the wagon, toys spilling from the sides. His rabbit friend cautions him that he's going too fast, but pig doesn't care. After some heated back and forth shouting, the friends decide they are better off not playing together at all.

Each thinks he will be happier on his own, and they make a point of stating all the fun activities that can be done solo. Rabbit can read alone, and pig can cook just fine with no help at all.You don't need a partner for dress-up and it's perfectly fine to play a musical instrument solo or go to the park alone.

There are tons of things you can do by yourself .... but aren't those things more fun with your best friend? Pig and rabbit are struck by this realization at the same time. Books are funnier when you can share the humor,  and cookies taste better with a friend enjoying them by your side. Best of all, made up games the require imagination are double the fun when fueled by two brains.   

This is a perfect book for young children. The words are very simple, as are the illustrations. The lesson is clear cut and easy to understand. Fight, fight, fight ... sad pig, sad rabbit. But look at those broad smiles and the fun they have when they both make an effort to get along.

Review copy provided by Kids Can Press.

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