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What would you say to an activity that will help you tap into your creativity, but requires no particular artistic skill? Let me add that it will be fun and you get to dabble around with art supplies. Margaret Peot explains how creating inkblots can help you overcome creative blocks, inspire ideas and open up avenues for creative expression. All that from blobs of ink and your imagination!

Simply put, just drop, brush, or swab ink on one side of a creased paper. Add a few drops of water. Fold the inked paper in half, and press firmly to make a symmetrical image. Unfold the paper to check the image and add more ink if you are not satisfied with the result. The types of paper and inks that you use will make all the difference in the quality of the finished product.

All right, so we know the steps to create a proper inkblot. Chapter 2 shows us how to add lines and colors to the blob to make it more recognizable. This is as simple as drawing around what you see in your blot and then coloring it in. It's a lot like lying on your back, looking at clouds and picking out shapes. If you having trouble getting started, try thinking of the inkblots as puzzles where you are looking for hidden images. They are there, just cleverly disguised.

I think this book is so inspiring. Before reading this, I had never known about the world of inkblots. It's so neat that the ink is just waiting on the paper for your interpretation. The final outcome is unique - what do you see? Check out Margaret's Subway Inkblog Blog to view the projects that others have made. Or visit the Inkblot Book's Channel for dozens of cool videos. What a wonderful and unique book this is!

Review copy provided by Boyds Mills Press.

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