Sunday, October 23, 2011

Junie B.'s These Puzzles Hurt My Brain

Barbara Park has written over thirty books in the ultra popular Junie B. Jones stories. If your kids are at that magic age where they adore reading about Junie's B's antics, they will be thrilled to discover she now has her very own puzzle book!

This book is exactly the same size as a typical chapter book paperback, so it will slip right in on the shelf with the rest of the Junie B. series. I would estimate the age range for these puzzles would be about 4 to 7 years old. With 219 pages of puzzles, there are so many activities to choose from. Connect-the-dots, word scrambles, triangle mysteries, line tangles, mazes, spot the differences, and tons more. Plus, there are two sheets of stickers tucked in at the back, behind the answer pages.

Barbara Park has written a paragraph for each puzzle, explaining what sort of help Junie B. requires from the reader/puzzle solver. Grandma Miller made blueberry pancakes and you have to figure out which car goes to Grandma and the pancakes. Color in the triangles to find out what Junie B. just accidentally broke. Find the six differences between the photos of Room Nine on the bus heading to their field trip.

Tons of puzzles to choose from, plus a fair amount of reading for your child, and some great illustrations. The perfect activity book for a Junie B. Jones fan. Plus, at $5.99, that's a pretty inexpensive puzzle book. May want to tuck this one away for a stocking stuffer.   

Review copy provided by Random House.  

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