Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kangaroo for Christmas


Another lovely James Flora reprint by Enchanted Lion. The first, The Day the Cow Sneezed, was re-released last year, with the announcement that two books per year would follow, depending on the success of the first. I think the appearance of this kangaroo is a very good sign for Floraphiles.

It's Christmas time, the snow is softly falling, and sweet Kathryn has just received a rather large delivery from her Uncle Dingo. When her daddy carries that box into their house, an exuberant kangaroo hops out and starts knocking over furniture. Kathryn names her Adelaide and gives her a good brushing while her dad calmly sits down to read his paper. Either this gift is less alarming than I would have thought or Kathryn's dad has had one too many eggnogs. 

Kathryn and Adelaide are happily skipping through town on the way to Grandmother's house when a ferocious dog erupts with loud barks. Alarmed, Adelaide starts hopping faster and faster, weaving into traffic, through the Zwickys' apartment, and into the grocery store. Sausages flying, they bounce into the bakery and careen through the toy shop, where those big kangaroo feet mistakenly slide into a pair of roller skates. With one giant leap, the pair leap high above the houses, skating along telephone wires through the falling flakes. At least from there, they are able to spot Grandma's house.

Grandma does not seem surprised at all by the appearance of her granddaughter riding a kangaroo. On the way down, Adelaide skips through a batch of taffy that was cooling on her front porch, and is now stuck firmly to the roof of Grandma's car. No problem, she'll just drive her home that way. Although Adelaide is stuck fast, she hops with enough power to lift the whole car. One eventful, but accident free ride and they arrive home safely. Santa Claus brings soft boots for Adelaide's aching feet and they finish up the holidays quietly.           

This book is very much in the same style as Flora's first book. The pages again alternate between black and white, and vibrant colors - though the color scheme here is turquoise, salmon pink, and tan. And just as in The Day the Cow Sneezed.the story is a tumultuous series of events. All the commotion makes for an exciting read, plus there are tons of background details to pore over.

I adore the ferocious barking dog, the expression of bewilderment on the faces of the drivers, Mr. Zwicky's interrupted bath, and the bevy of doughnuts wrapped round Adelaide's tail as they emerge from the bakery. I like that she named her kangaroo Adelaide, that pink and turquoise are the main colors in a book that takes place at Christmas time, and the family's willingness to welcome a kangaroo into their home with no fuss. Such a fun book!
Review copy provided by Enchanted Lion.

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