Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Trim-The-Tree'ers

Janet Schulman, Illustrated by Linda Davick 

This is an adorable little Christmas board book - just right for tucking into a little one's stocking. I love adding to our collection of Christmas books - getting them out each year brings back so many memories from years past.

Ten little tots band together to get their tree ready for the big day. These kids may be young, but they know the proper steps to tree trimming. First, one shiny gold star is balanced at the tippy top, before two strings of colored lights are carefully draped on the branches. Ornaments are added layer by layer (in specific amounts, of course) - my favorite is the five blue reindeer with glowing red noses. One pretty present for each neighbor is placed under the tree before they gather round for caroling.

Seasonally appropriate, fun, bright and silly - this is perfect for the toddler set. The easy chair is purple, the walls are salmon, and the staircase is gold, making for an especially cheerful and eclectic house. Round faced kids tumble all over the pages, sporting holiday attire. One child is dressed an elf, another as an angel, and a third has donned a snowflake sweater to match the ornaments. The very last page gives a nice pictured recap of the countdown.

Review copy provided by Random House. 

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