Monday, December 5, 2011

Animal Naps


Catherine Ham

Could it possibly get any cuter than an entire book of animals napping? From the front cover, I had assumed it would just be adorable photos of tucked in animal babies to ooh and ahh over. There's actually poetry inside! You can still ooh and ahh over the photos, but there is plenty to read as well. 

What a fantastic choice this would read right before your child's nap. Nothing like two dozen photos of sleeping animals to conjure up some drowsiness. Looking these photos over makes you realize how differently animals settle in for their shuteye. Koalas sleep tucked into the crooks of trees and somehow manage not to come tumbling down. Hedgehogs roll up into tight, spiny balls, while hippos slumber with their nostrils underwater.

Ducks are some of the most peculiar nappers, balancing on one leg, with heads tucked under a wing. The bat photo is particularly interesting, as their wings closed tightly around their bodies make them appear as though they are folded inside personal sized black umbrellas. My favorite photo by far is the lizard, who clutches a leaf with his tiny claws as if it were a favorite blankie. He looks so sweet - not a word usually used to describe lizards. So many sweet and adorable snoozers, plus fun poems. The perfect napping book!

Review copy provided by Charlesbridge.

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