Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Little Wolf

This is an adorable cover that doesn't really come through properly in the photo. The little gray wolf's body is covered in a very fine fur, making him look infinitely hugable. The first two words of the title are drawn to look as if they are made of yarn or rope, while the last is covered in black and white fur - just like a real wolf.

Rolf (the perfect name!) is a sweet little guy who lives with Mrs. Boggins. Rather than being mean and nasty like typical storybook wolves, Rolf enjoys baking tasty cakes and being nice to his friends. Mrs. Boggins has warned Rolf of the evil wolves, but he has never run into one. Until today. This wolf has glowing yellow eyes and a row of very sharp teeth that are on display even when his mouth is closed. His legs are spindly and his black tail comes to a verrrry sharp point.

Big Bad Wolf scoffs at Rolf, telling him "Real wolves howl at the moon. Real wolves blow houses in. Real wolves eat people up!" Desperately wanting validation, Rolf tries those things, but fails miserably. When it comes time to devour Mrs. Boggins, Rolf snaps and and trusses the Big Bad Wolf up like a chicken. He has never felt more wolf-like! He and Mrs. Boggins persuade Big Bad Wolf to stop eating people up, and they all live happily ever. Except for those first two. Because Big Bad Wolf is very cunning and a huge liar.      

Just like Mrs. Boggins and sweet Rolf, I never predicted that coming. I really thought the do-gooders had had beaten the Big Bad Wolf. The funny surprise ending perfectly balances the sweetness of Rolf and his old lady. Those two exude goodness, from Mrs. Boggings' grandmotherly blue curls right down to Rolf's tender smile, and the sweet little pheep! that comes out when he tries to howl. They sit smiling over tea and cake at the terrible wolf they are sure they have transformed. If they only they knew their fate ....       

Review copy provided by Random House. 

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