Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh No, George!

One glance at George on the cover, and I knew instantly that this was the work of Chris Haughton. I love his big color blocked illustrations, and I recognized that unique font as the same one used in Little Owl Lost.

So George the dog has a little bit of a behavior problem. When Harry steps out for a bit, George promises to be good. He wants to be good, he really does - that pink and orange body is stuffed full with good intentions. But how to keep his promise when naughty things keep popping up? What dog can resist a big cake left unattended on the kitchen table? Strike one.

George is still standing amidst the cake crumbs when Cat strolls by. A spirited cat chase leaves George panting and staring straight at a planter full of fresh dirt, and boy, does he love to dig around in fresh dirt. Consequently, when Harry returns, the house is a shambles. Cat is hiding, the cake plate is empty and George feels terrible.  

Harry cleans up, and instead of punishing George, he takes him out for a walk. George IS good on the excursion, bypassing a whole cake, fresh dirt, and Cat. Could it be that this fuchsia dog has finally learned to control his behavior?

Although I really do love the illustrations, I wish the storyline had been a tad bit stronger. As it is, I think this would be a good book for younger children, as they would enjoy guessing on each predicament if George will be good or knuckle under to his bad side. Lots of vibrant and and deep colors - bright pink George stands out nicely against white and bold orange backgrounds. My favorite little detail is the uneveness of George eyes - makes him look a bit sad and wonky at the same time. 

Review copy provided by Candlewick Press. 


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