Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Unruly Queen

There are several things to like about this book, but my personal favorite are the words the author chose. She really stretches with havoc, wreaked, tirade, petulant, treacherous, loathsome, banish, irked, horrendous, and cavernous, among other splendid choices. I love it when children's authors don't dumb down their writing for the kids. The only way to learn new words is to be exposed to them. 

 Minerva von Vyle is utterly spoiled and impossible to handle. The von Vyles are über wealthy, which means their only child gets whatever she desires, aside from their attention. Minerva creates havoc and makes messes on a daily basis, drawing on the walls, trotting her pink pony down the hallways and making life miserable for the servants. Not even the dog wants to spend any time in her company.

Minerva has blown through fifty-two nannies in exactly fifty-two weeks, wearing them out and driving them away. The fifth-third nanny arrives with a glint in her eye. She places a very fancy crown on Minerva's head, dubbing her "the Unruly Queen." At first the child is delighted to be royalty ... until she discovers what her new royal title entails. The queen will live at dreary Petulant Peak, ruling over the most loathsome creatures, behaving as rudely as she likes.

This nanny is ever so tricky, seemingly disappointed as her charge scoots up to bed without being asked, bathes and readies herself for bed without complaint. A clean, well-behaved little girl simply cannot wear the crown of The Unruly Queen.  And that is how Minerva von Vyle stopped acting like a spoiled brat and started to appreciate her privileged life. 
Review copy provided by Candlewick Press.

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