Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Put Me in the Story personalized books

Put Me In The Story is a new personalized children’s book site offered by Sourcebooks. What makes these personalized books so different from the others already on the market is that these are some of bestselling and award-winning books from Sourcebooks. To be honest, most of the other personalized books I've seen have been pretty blah. 

Browse the selection here to see all titles offered. I love that they included some books we already own and absolutely love, My Dad, My Hero by Ethan Long.  My Name is Not Isabella and My Name is Not Alexander, would both make ideal personalized books. We chose More Bears by Kenn Nesbitt, as he is one of our favorite authors.

Ordering is pretty painless: choose your book, supply the child's name, inscription, and three photos. The best part is that you can't move forward until all the necessary information is complete. That makes it foolproof. And believe me, this fool tested it. I didn't realize you needed three photos and tried checking out after loading just one. Best of all, you can see a preview of the entire book online complete with your information, page by page. So before you press the order button, you feel confident about how the finished product will look.

Our book arrived less than a week later and it was perfect. The photo was clear, the inscription was correct, and the personalized book made the most amazing baby gift. The entire experience was nothing but positive, and I would absolutely order again from Put Me In the Story. Actually, we'll definitely order again - because I think these personalized books would make fantastic Christmas gifts.

Review copy provided by Sourcebooks.


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