Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Little Bunny Can Bake

Random House

Janet Stein

With Easter quickly approaching, what better time to welcome the tale of a baking bunny? This book is a visual treat, offering the coolest retro black and white drawings. Well, it's not all black and white. The star of the show - Little Bunny - stands out in a rosy pink hue.

Baker Bunny signs up for Chef George's School of Dessertology to learn from the master of sweets. She is only one of many eager students racing to class. Chef George knows everything there is to know about desserts and his students know nothing! He must teach them the basics (sigh) starting with identification of a pot and spoon.

The other students are not as diligent as Little Bunny, spending their class time napping, playing egg toss and just generally goofing off. But Bunny means business, dutifully practicing with the pastry bag until her frosting letters are iced perfection.

Readers will get a good laugh from the antics of the other animals. Chef George issues a serious instruction and the results are a hoot. When he announces a dessert should smell as good as it tastes, we see those silly students adding flowers, perfume and even ... a sock.

These illustrations are a great throwback, very unlike today's typical children's book. This is a wonderful book, almost like taking a step back to a more simpler time. And the end result of the dessertology class? Little Bunny pays attention, tries her hardest and produces an amazing creation. The other students produce ... interesting dishes.

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