Monday, April 6, 2009

Bringing Down the Moon

One night, Mole happens to notice the full moon in the sky and is completely bewitched. He thinks it looks like a beautiful silver coin. And oh, how he would like to clutch that shiny coin tightly in his paw! Little Mole is naive enough to believe he can reach up and pull that moon right down. He hops and he leaps, but the only thing he manages to do is wake up poor Rabbit.

Rabbit explains to him that the moon is not as close as it appears, but Mole is unshaken in his quest. He plots to poke the moon down with a long stick, only managing to poke Hedgehog instead. Then he attempts to knock it down with a volley of acorns - beware of Squirrel! Blast, this stubborn moon will not budge! How can something so beautiful be so unattainable?

As a last ditch effort, Mole climbs a huge tree in an attempt to get closer. Just as he reaches out his furry arms to grab the moon, he plummets from the tree. Mole's battered friends console him and together they agree the moon is very beautiful, but will never be close enough to touch.

This is a sweet story with a cast of furry forest critters. Toddlers will get a great big giggle from watching Mole try to pull the moon down from the sky. Mole is very determined but his friends are equally as patient. This is a bit of a longer story for a board book, which can sometimes be spare with words. A great read when your child is still into board books, but can also enjoy a more involved tale.

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