Saturday, April 4, 2009

Toucan King of the Yucatan

Jerry Tanner & Kevin Grossman

Meet Toco the Toucan, the poor bird who cannot take flight, no matter how hard he tries. Teased by the other birds, he hops home in a funk. Toco's mama is determined to cheer him up. A surefire way to perk up a woeful toucan? Why, drag out the family photo album, of course!

Toco's family album is full of inspiring stories: explorers, athletes, dancers and artists make up this colorful family tree. Each page offers a short poem and a vivid postcard type illustration featuring the featured toucan in action. Thumb through the first fifteen pages here and you'll see exactly what we mean.

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, exploding against the dark backgrounds. Not your average rhymes, these are clever and catchy - a wonderfully entertaining read. Toucandida del Tango the dancing machine, her movements were fluid and her beauty a dream!

Tucked in among the beauty is a great message for toucans and kids alike. Work hard and believe, and you can achieve anything you desire. If Toco can do it, so can you! Building self esteem is important for all kids - what better way to introduce the concept than a terrific read?

This book is currently self-published on while the duo actively seek a publisher to take it under their wing and give it flight! It's too fabulous to remain hidden for long.

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