Monday, August 4, 2008

The Halloween Play

Felicia Bond
Harper Collins

Roger, an adorable mouse, has landed a part in the Halloween play at school. Although his part is small, it is integral to the plot, and he is feeling the pressure. His class is also busy handling the preparations - endlessly rehearsing and issuing handmade invitations. By the end of the night, Roger is an unqualified success and you can sense him beaming straight through his costume.

It should be noted that the cover art is not indicative of the illustrations found inside. This is an earlier work of Felicia Bond and the drawings are a bit darker than her current style. Use the link on the bottom from publisher Harper Collins to look inside more thoroughly.

A simple, yet fun read for the Halloween season. A particularly good choice for any children who face the same challenge as Roger and need a boost of confidence.


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